P.J. Harvey – Royal Albert Hall, London (2011)

P.J. Harvey - Live At Royal Albert Hall, London, On October 30, 2011 (2011)

Grupo: P.J. Harvey
Título: Royal Albert Hall, London
Año: 2011
Formato: CD
Género: Art Pop
Sello discográfico: Unknown
Referencia de catálogo:
1.Intro 0:44
2.Let England Shake 3:20
3.The Words That Maketh Murder 4:01
4.All And Everyone 6:30
5.The Big Guns Called Me Back Again 3:18
6.Written On The Forehead 4:09
7.In The Dark Places 4:03
8.The Devil 3:21
9.Dear Darkness 3:37
10.The Glorious Land 3:59
11.The Last Living Rose 3:43
12.England 4:14
13.Pocket Knife 4:58
14.Bitter Branches 2:44
15.On Battleship Hill 4:33
16.Down By The Water 3:03
17.C’Mon Billy 3:13
18.The Piano 3:24
19.Big Exit 4:22
20.Hanging In The Wire 3:30
21.The Colour Of The Earth 2:44
22.Encore Break 3:53
23.The Desperate Kingdom Of Love 2:56
24.Band Intro 0:51
25.White Chalk 3:29
26.The Sky Lit Up 2:54
27.Angelene 4:04
28.Silence 2:59
29.Outro 1:32
Tracks 1-29: Live At The Royal Albert Hall In London, U.K. On October 30, 2011.
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